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The Miscellaneous Shelf


As was true of the old Jabez Corner General Store, there are often odd items that might be of value but have no particular connection with anything else or logical reason for their presence here. If we think our Plymouth customers might find a use for them, we will include them on this "miscellaneous" shelf...

  • "Helen of White Horse" (ca. 1890) a poem by Rev. Timothy Otis Paine.
    This short verse has apparently engendered a whole cycle of myths associated with White Horse Beach. The characters now have full names, the father is now a Dr. Paine, and Roland is a Doane, and the episode is eccentrically attached to the General Arnold wreck of 1778—without historical basis . After failing to find a copy of the original on line, we felt it might be a useful thing to carry here. From the small booklet in the Pilgrim Society collection.
  • "Some Plymouth Fictions" (Old Colony Club Quarterly, June 1994).
    The Plymouth Pilgrims are not just historical characters but have also been featured in numerous fictional accounts and stories. This article explores a few of these.
  • "Selectmen on the Trail" (Old Colony Memorial, 1941 )
    Our selectmen have it easier than their predecessors, as an OCM article from 1941 attests.
  • "The Yankee Peddler" (Old Colony Club Quarterly, Sept. 1994)
    The age of the peddler has past, but we remember some of Plymouth's itinerant sales and service people.
  • "Plymouth's Public Dining"
    Dining out in Plymouth in the 19th century and after.
  • Michael Psellus' On the Operation of Daemons (Sydney, Australia, 1843)
    Marcus Collison's rare English translation of this early Byzantine classic.
  • Some Old Plymouth Rope Walks by Fred Jenks (Plymouth Cordage Notes, 1925)
    The history of several of Plymouth's other 19th century cordage companies.
  • The Real Plymouth Succotash Recipes for Plymouth's unique Forefathers Day meal.
  • "Yankee Sapience" – Rev. Bartlett's memories of Guy Cooper's store.
    From My Corner of New England (1984), with illustration by Mother's friend Jan Norton
  • Plimoth Plantation - Fifty Years of Living History. Anniversay history of the museum (1997)
  • Eel River Archaeological Sites Jesse Brewer (1968). Location of Native sites near Eel River.
  • Pilgrims of the Caribbean. A Mayflower Pilgrim in the Bahamas, by Peg Baker.
  • The Old Colony Natural History Society. Three publications: The Old Colony Naturalist May, 1902; February, 1903; August,1904)