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Plymouth Class of 1963 – 15 July 2017 Summer Reunion

Fiftieth Reunion July 19, 20, & 21, 2013 Invitation & Activities

Fiftieth Reunion Pictures & Responses

Fiftieth Reunion Invitation

Forty-fifth Reunion August 2008

1. Joan Buckley (Mrs. Mike DeFelice), Dorothy Searles' husband Frank Woods (in background), Charles Wall & friend, Karen Montemaggi Freyermuth.

2. Mike DeFelice, Nancy Fortini, Donald Cavicchi, Donna Kane Audiburt.

3. Mary-Jane Bagnall Furtado

4. Carol Nickerson Tabor and her husband.

5. Delia Maccaferri Bankson

6. Jean Melevsky Wallen

7. Jim Baker and (President) Ken Tavares

8. Tom Rapoza

9. Paul Giaccaglia, Don Cavicchi (standing), Elaine Rosetti, Lorraine Botelho, Deborah Barlow Torrance (partly obscured), Kathy Longever Coffin

10. Nancy Fortini, Cecelia Buckley Crowell, Dorrie Searles Woods, Frank Woods, Don Cavicchi (standing), Joan Buckley, (Mrs. Mike DeFelice).

11. Heidi-Marie Holmes, Steve Holmes (Vice President), Kevin Ryan, Carl Freyermuth, Robert Woolson.

12. Lilian Tavares, Robert Tavares, Mrs. Edward Herries, Ed Herries, Barbra Botelho.

13. Mrs. Robert Woolson, Barbra Botelho.

14. Maggie Savery Tavares, Mrs. Wayne Tessin, Dave Botelho (standing), Wayne Tessin, ?.

15. Charles Wall (hidden) and friend, Tom Rapoza, Ann Albertini Tiernan.

16. Tom Rapoza, Ann Albertini Tiernan, Charles Wall and friend.

17. Dick Morra (standing), Ann Albertini Tiernan.

18. Delia Maccaferri Bankson, DJ Paul Giammarco (Class of '62)

19. Lorraine Botelho Ferreira, Deborah Barlow Torrance, Kathy Longever Coffin, Stanley Trask (standing), Elaine Rossetti, Marilyn Lamb Felton, Paul Giaccaglia.

20. David Botelho, Carol Nickerson Tabor

21. Donna Hadaway Seymour (our photographer) and friend.