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Fiftieth Reunion July 19,20,&21, 2013

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For other pictures, Go to this page. We are in the process of adding pictures so keep checking back-in a month or so.

Responses Received:

To My Class of "63"
 I would like to thank the committe for doing a great job on the 50th class reunion.
I also would like to thank the class for the generous scholarship for my granddaughter Mikaela Oriila and my great niece Emma Machado
Carolyn Machado McCarthy

Dear Donna,
Please extend a big thank you to your committee for such a great job putting the reunion together.  The time and effort that you all
put in was unbelievable and very much appreciated.  We love the yearbook and plan to listen to all the cds when we drive to Florida
in the fall-we'llbe "bobbin" all the way.  Congratulations on a job well done.
David & Betsy Chase

I also ran into Mike DeFelice and he reiterated how much he enjoyed the reunion and how well done it was.  He said that he had
such a good time on Saturday that he decided to attend the Sunday pizza breakfast which had not been on his list.
 I posted a picture of our reunion cake on FB-got this note from Jim O'Fihelly's sister (I have absolutely no idea how to spell his
last name.  Read if interested...... 
 Hi Donna, the educater in you will appreciate this: Do you remember Mr. Calvin who was the boys guidance counselor, I think.
He picked up that my brother was not doing well. We had some serious problems at home and we were all trying to work and go
to school. Alot of kids made fun of us because of our clothes and what have you. It really affected my brother. There was 1 opening
at the Automotive program at Silver Lake and Mr. Calvin called my mother and said there appeared to be trouble on the horizon if
my brother didn't change or do something different. So, he started at Silver Lake, a place where nobody knew him and it was a fresh
start. He had to hitch most days, too. He excelled and made some lifelong friends; still has them. He started his band there. He met
his wife there and is still married to her . He lives in Kingston and I have an in~law apartment at the house that he did most of the
work on. He loves the history of Plymouth and will walk the waterfront but Kingston his his home. He never worked in automotives
but, is a woodworker and carpenter and still works. The built ins and furniture he has made is very beautiful....... He did graduate in '63
but at Silver Lake. My younger sister was also affected and she dropped out of her senior yr. , married a boy from Kingston and
had 7 children. She passed away almost 6 yrs. ago and she was still married, also. I think it did not affect me as much because I worked
at Currier's . You well know the caliber of the people that worked there and they started my waitress career and I met people at a very
different level . This is what a good educator does.....Mr. Calvin saved my brother when others did not see.

From Charlie Wall's wife-as you can read, we go way back :)

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to go to the reunion with Charlie. I was so looking forward to it but something got hold of me and I just
wasn't feeling well over the weekend. I did spend yesterday morning, though, reading every word of the wonderful book you put
together. Some parts were so sentimental that I found myself completely choked up with tears flowing, while other parts had me
laughing out loud. I LOVE IT. You and the committee did such an amazing job.

And---those four CDs were a huge surprise. I was so sorry to hear that the incredibly thoughtful man who made them for his
classmates has passed away. What a gift he gave! Thank you, too, for the penny candy---another fun treat. Anyway, I just
want you to know that I missed being there and that I'm grateful to you for making the whole weekend of events so special
for the Plymouth High School Class of 1963!
Your old babysitter and test subject, Laurie  :-)

Hi Donna and all the committee,
 That was a wonderful reunion and you all did so much to make it grand.  It looks like everyone who attended had a great time. 
The extent of the gifts and pictures and nostalgia was great.  The book, the candies, and CD's by Joe and so on and on.
 My mother is 86 now and she enjoyed going through the book and remembering all the photos of the places that used to be. 
She even remembered some of the students and the graduation event at Memorial Hall.
 What do you think about adding a little bio for each person (next time), like a little glimpse into the person's life. 
We could all write a little blurb and add to our pictures or whatever. 
I got around to visit most and heard some really good stories.  I even heard stories about the teachers and the
fellow students.  Certainly was lotsa fun.
 Thank you again for all your energy and efforts and the wonderful results.
Karen (Seiden)

Donna, the work you and the Committee did on the booklet was simply outstanding!   
A real joy and trip down memory lane.  Thanks so much for this and planning a very special series of events.   
Please share this with the Committee.
Here's hoping we can have an informal get together every year from now. I'll be glad to help.      Charlie Wall

Dear Karen and Jim,

I was waiting for a business meeting and happened to “Google” my brother Woody’s name.  My surprise was seeing the “jabezcorner.com” posting of his Yearbook Information, and of Marcia’s!  Although if my memory serves me – and I am 11 years younger than Woody, 9 younger than Marcia – this is not from the 1963 yearbook. 

And of course, directly beneath Woody is my sister Marcia Louise Hart Jamieson’s name.  Marcia was just short of her 64th birthday (VJ Day, August 14th, 1945) when she succumbed June 29, 2009 due to the complications of her diabetes.  Her memorial service included the singing of the first song she ever taught me – “You Are My Sunshine” – and singing “Amazing Grace” to the tune “The House of the Rising Sun”.  She always had that sense of never accepting the status quo, always questioning, always looking for joy in anything.

It is with regret that I inform Woody died at home in Boise early on St Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2011.  Yup, St Pat’s Day…he always had a flair about him, even in death.  It was inoperable cancer of the bile duct which claimed his life.  He was surrounded by 3 of his 4 boys, 4 of the 5 girls, his wife, and somewhere around 10 or so of his 23 grandkids.  I was on business in  Boise, and was supposed to have breakfast with him later that morning.  He is buried at the Veteran’s Cemetery in Boise, with full military honors.  His son Eddie piped “Amazing Grace” as Woody was committed to the ground, from a ridge overlooking the burial site.  His grandkids were all upset about seeing him “that way” and I showed them up on the wall his HS Graduation picture and his Coast Guard Picture – and if you knew Woody, he had that impish sardonic grin on his face.  I told them in time, they will remember him in a different way, too.  Just as I type this now, I can see him driving a 58 Impala or his 56 Ford Convertible (purchased from Pete Jorgenson who lived on Obery Street), or at the First National Store working the shelves and whistling….

His obituary link is here:  http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/idahostatesman/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=149529228#fbLoggedOut

My sister (Eleanor) Gay Hart King, PHS class of 1957, still resides in Pittsburg, NH; my brother Frederick “Rocky” Hart (PCHS 1968) lives in NH, and for me, PCHS 1972, reside in Inverness, Illinois (Chicago Area); my personal email is rg.hart@comcast.net; twitter @RGreggHart.

One final note:  I attended Nathaniel Morton (just the rear of the school then) and Plymouth Jr High (now Nathaniel Morton the entire place), and also remember Mr Gault (his wife was my English Teacher at PJrHS), and Mrs Pioppi (who stirred my interest in politics), and delivered the Old Colony Memorial every Thursday to them both, pedaling around Chiltonville.  Where does the time go?

Thank you.

R. Gregg Hart


Indeed, my memory was faulty...I called and had his widow Judy pull his yearbook - complete with the details of the Brenda Lee visit!

Yes, Marcia is 2 years younger than Woody.  He did need to repeat once in grade school, and was "this short" so he and Marcia shared the graduation year.  Seems his interest in cars, girls, and more girls took precedence over school every day of the week.

I was in Plymouth briefly last year to show two of my older grand kids where I played little league then swing up the parking lot to show them my high school.  My shock also to see the "new" high school demolished and another "newer new" one occupying the soccer and ball fields!  I hope the Selectmen finally built a proper gym for the kids.

We moved to the corner of Doten & Clifford Roads in 1955 (I less than one year old), my mom lived there until the 1990s when she sold the house to Clare and Mike Gaetti who I believe still own the home.  I was thankful to see the restoration job they did prior to Mike's passing a few years ago.  And that was my base for delivering the Old Memorial.

I can remember is clearly today at 58 as I did when I started at 11; pick the papers up at Wagner's Mobil next to Bradford's Package Store across from the Barberi Store.  I'd fold them and stuff them into my baskets on the back, front and sides of my Schwinn, and pedal up Clifford Road, delivering all the way including Mrs Tosi, my 2nd grad teacher and that house is long since lost to the Jordan Hospital first expansion; the Gaults and Coach Rogers on Cliff Street, back to to Clifford all the way to Jordan Road for the Fry family (who owned Shiretown Ford at the time), the Prentice Family at Forges Farm and then to (Sally and Jane and Sam, etc.) Butterfield's house, then down Clifford past Mrs Foley's house (my love of literature), turn up Clifford all the way to past River Street and to one house on Warren Ave - Mrs Pioppi's !  Gosh I had a lot of teachers on my route...then back toward home (but delivered all the way down Doten Road, too).  Too me it was one of the greatest jobs I ever had, even though it took from the time I got home at 345 until 745 at night. 

So my only school memories were of Plymouth; Cold Spring 3 years, Manomet Elementary 1, then 4 years across from the Town Hall, then 4 at PCHS (where Johnny Siever was a year behind me and I played on the same baseball team, and Emerson Coleman was the captain of our soccer team).  I have fond memories of Plymouth and it's a wonderful place to be. 

When my 15 year old grandson was in Plymouth, he looked at me and asked "this place is beautiful, why did you ever leave", I told him it never left me.

And thank you for the pictures of downtown on your website, that is how I always picture downtown to be.

Best regards,
Gregg Hart

I got the class picture today!  Thank you so much - again - for all your hard work.  It was a very special time for everyone, but those things don't just  "HAPPEN".  You and your committee are all Treasures.


Hi Donna...So glad you convinced me to come to our reunion. You and your committee did an extraordinary job...the events, the attention to detail, that wonderful yearbook, can't say enough. And those great CD's! I listen to them every time I go out in the car. Great job. Judy Stefani
The website looks great.....it's very user friendly.  I realize that some don't have computers but hope they find one long enough to look at your website.