Additional Bygone Chiltonville Scenes Not Included in
Images of America: Plymouth and Plymouth Labor and Leisure (Arcadia Press).


Aunt Lucy Hoxie's
"Aunt Lucy Hoxie's", Clifford Road, looking south, ca. 1880


"Old Red House" , Sandwich Road, ca. 1890 looking north

"Old Red House" and Hayden Mill, Sandwich Road, ca. 1890
looking south

Courtney House, Sandwich Road, (same view as previous image with new house), ca. 1920s.

Abby Thomas house (Neil's) Sandwich St., between Cliff St. (in background) and River St., 1930

The Terry House, Four Corners, Sandwich Rd., 1939

Edith Nickerson's house (right) "before Whipple moved the other house opposite Edith's", Clifford Road, 1920s


Sandwich St. from in front of the Ryder House looking south towards Chiltonville Church, ca. 1900

Forge's Farm (left) and the Valler house,
looking east, Jordan Rd.,1910
Forge's Farm barn, 1910
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