Additional Bygone Plymouth Scenes Not Included in
Images of America: Plymouth and Plymouth Labor and Leisure (Arcadia Press). These are some random images that have turned up; many from Pilgrim Hall's unindexed collection of snapshots, and one sent to me
by Mark Crociati of Tom & John Prentice; both managers at Forges Farm.


Eddie Clough's Store, ca. 1961.


Tom Prentice and his son John; sequentially managers at Forges Farm, ca 1975

burbanks on Main St

The interior of Alfred S. Burbank's shop
at 6 Main Street, ca. 1895.


Church st

View of Church Street, looking west past First Church,
ca. 1920


The Plymouth National and Five Cents Savings Bank Building, ca. 1940.


Court Street from the corner of Russell Street, 1920. Photo by H. B. German.

North Street at Shirley Square, 1920.
Photo by H. B. German.


Shirley Square, 1920.
Photo by H. B. German.

Mill Street, "J D Baxter"
on the 1874 Beers map.



Mill Street, "Jno. T. Hall", showing the 1890 wall that cut off access to Summer Street. To see the earlier connection, go here.

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