Grand Bahama

"The sea and the stars,
And the ghostly bars
Of the shoals all bright 'neath
the feet of the moon;


The night that glistens,
And stops and listens
To the half-heard beat of a
timeless tune."

—Richard Le Galliene

Primitive, forest-clad with pines, nearby to Palm Beach, Grand Bahama could be the Mecca of quite a sporting and yachting franternity. Estate developments are under way. In turn, British and American developers have cast their eyes on this fertile island. Thr principle port, West End, is only 45 miles from Palm Beach. Florida.

Visitors to Nassau can see a relief map and gain therefrom an idea of Grand Bahama. Motor yachts are available by charter to convey visitors on a sight-seeing tour. There are no inns or hotels and visitors will need to rely on their cruiser for quarters and cuisine.

Grand Bahama offers a good field for natural history study. Its waters swarm with fish, its woods are fileld with ferns, flowers, bird life and butterflies. One's tour here had better start at Eight Mile Rock, where the Commissioner lives. A few vacant houses that might be rented are here, and nearby is the alluring Hawksbill Creek.

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