Paul B. Miller 11 February 2009  
  Paul B. Miller  

Hi Jim,

I stumbled across your webpage of the Class of 1963 while surfing the net. It brought back some old, pleasant, memories -- and some sad recollections of our classmates who have passed on.

I am listed as living "somewhere in Canada". Yes, I am still in Canada, having lived here since 1971. My "snail mail" address is: 20 Foster Avenue, Fall River, Nova Scotia, B2T 1E7.

I haven't been to a PHS reunion since our 25th. I was hoping to get to last year's, but our youngest son, Jon, was coming home from four years living in Japan, and I could hardly excuse not being home to see him. Barring unforseen difficulties, I certainly hope to make our 50th.

I am attaching a photo of me, taken in March, 2005, at China Beach, Da Nang, Vietnam. This was also a reunion: 40 years to the day when we landed 6,000 marines on the very same beach. This time I was a little lonesome without all the earlier company!

Now for a little biographical information. I am still working practising law full time. Given the economy (which is not much better in Canada) I am now on the "Freedom 85" retirement track. I am still married to the same woman, Louise, I married 36+ years ago. Our four children are all grown up and none are living close by: our oldest, Erin, is living in Dubai, UAE, our next, Paul Jr. is living in Kingston, Ontario, our next, Jimmy, is living in Toronto, Ontario, and our youngest, Jon, is presently attending graduate school in Ottawa, Ontario, but heading to Istanbul in September for a study term there. We have two grand daughters, Serena age 21 months, and Maeve, age 11 months. Louise and I are off to Dubai in 10 days to visit with Erin and Maeve, and be there for her first birthday.

Anyway, enough rattling on for now.

I really appreciate your hosting a PHS Class of 63 web page, and hope it becomes a bulletin board or 'blog" to keep in touch with our classmates.

Best to all.


Paul B. Miller