In order to provide for the greatest common benefit and good, for the most congenial use and occupancy of the premises, for the maximum safety and security of the premises and its occupants, and for the maximum protection of the value of the Owners’ investments, the Board of Directors of German Holiday Park Condominium Association (hereinafter called ‘the Board of Directors’) has adopted the following Rules and Regulations governing the use of the houses and of the Common Areas.

I General

1. Only Owners of houses are permitted to have a pet on their premises.
2. Any Owner with a cat or dog will be responsible for the behaviour of the animal. No Owner shall allow a dog to be loose on the property and any animal must be inside the Owner’s house at night. Any excrement from dogs within the Park (including the Owner’s yard) must be cleaned up by the Owner. Dog owners must make reasonable efforts to keep their pets from disturbing other residents and dogs should be taken for regular exercise.
3. Littering is prohibited.
4. All refuse shall be tightly wrapped in paper or plastic before being deposited in the garbage container, in particular any material likely to spill, slop or set up an odor.
5. Children are restricted from playing in areas which will in any way interfere with the quiet and comfort of the Owners and residents. The observance of this regulation is strictly the responsibility of the parents or the residents with whom the children are visiting.
6. Furniture placed around the pool patio is for the use of the Owners and residents or their guests at the pool ONLY.

II Use of Houses

1. No structural modification or alteration shall be made to any house.
2. No Owner of any house shall allow such house to fall into a state of disrepair.
3. No signs, billboards or other advertising devices of any kind or nature whatsoever shall be erected or displayed on or about any house.
4. Open patios may not be used as storage areas; only patio furniture, barbecues, etc. are permitted.
5. No house shall be used for any other purpose than as a private residence.
6. A house Owner shall not conduct any activity nor allow his guests or tenants to conduct any activity which is or may be:
a. A hazard to the health and safety of any other occupant or which may increase the rate of insurance on any of the property or buildings or which may obstruct or interfere with the rights of other occupants.
b. A fire hazard.
7. No occupant of any house shall conduct or permit the conduct of any activity which may result in any noise that shall be disturbing to other occupants. Radios, televisions, stereo sets and musical instruments must be kept at a minimum volume especially between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.
8. No immoral, improper, offensive and unlawful use shall be made of any house or of the Common Areas.
9. No noxious or offensive activities shall be carried out in any house or upon the Common Areas, nor shall anything be done either willfully or negligently which may be or which may become an annoyance or a nuisance to the occupants of any other house.
10. A House shall be used and occupied as a single-family residence with the enjoyment of the services and facilities provided for such a residence. Maximum number of occupants of any house will be four (4) persons.
11. Every house Owner not living on the premises shall leave a key for entry into his or her house with the Manager or with his designated agent determined by the Board of Directors. This key shall be used for entrance only in emergency conditions of for work that is needed for the common good of other house Owners.

III Use of Common Areas

1. No person shall do anything that shall obstruct or hinder the free use of any Common Area nor shall anything be stored in or upon the Common Area by any occupant of any house.
2. The laundry room is solely for the use of residents. The use of washing machines and dryers is strictly limited to Owners and residents.
3. In utilizing the aforesaid facilities, the following rules must be obeyed:
a. Do not overload the washers and dryers.
b. Do not hold up the machine’s operation – take out wash when finished.
c. Empty the lint filters after each use and place lint, empty soap boxes and all other rubbish in the container provided for this purpose.
d. If you are the last to leave the laundry room, turn off the lights and shut the door.
4. The swimming pool and the club house are only for the use of Owners and residents and their guests between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Children under 12 years of age or non-swimmers are not permitted in the pool unless accompanied by a competent adult.
5. Drink glasses and other breakable objects are not permitted in the pool area.
6. Nude bathing and nude sun-bathing are not permitted.
7. All persons using the pool do so AT THEIR OWN RISK.
8. Owners and residents are responsible for cleaning and tidying up the pool area after use by themselves and their guests.
9. No person may park in any area which has been restricted. Cars must be parked within the white lines marked in the parking area. No broken down or unlicensed cars are permitted on the parking areas. Any tenant owning more than two cars must request the Board’s permission to park them on the property.
10. Only owners of houses may use the canal docking facilities. No person may use the parking areas to park or store their boats.
11. The tennis court may only be used between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. The court is for the sole use and enjoyment of the Owners and their tenants. Owners and tenants are allowed only two (2) guests on the tennis court at time.
12. Parents are fully responsible for the safety, care and well being of their children at all times in any area around the swimming pool and Common Areas.
13. No healthy trees growing in the Common Areas may be cut down or destroyed without the consent of the majority of Owners. If an Owner wishes to have a tree cut down in the Common Area, and permission is given by the majority, he or she is responsible for the cost of removing the tree. Tree trimming and removal of dead trees is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

IV Rules Governing Rental or Sale of Houses
It is recognized that each condominium house is the private property of the Owner and that all Owners have the absolute right to the peaceful use and enjoyment of their house and of the Common Areas. However, to insure the proper use of the premises, the safety and security of the occupants and the continuing value of the investment of all Owners, the following Rules and Regulations have been adopted by the Condominium Association regarding ay renting, leasing or sale of any house:

1. It shall be the responsibility of the Owner, or in his or her absence the Manager or his designated agent, to notify the tenant of the Rules and Regulations applicable to and during his tenancy including the right of the Condominium Association to void any Rental Agreement or Lease for a violation of the Rules and Regulations.
2. Failure of the Owner or his agent to so notify any tenant shall not limit or void the right of the Condominium Association under this clause.
3. No house may be rented or leased to persons under eighteen (18) years of age at any time without the written permission of the Board of Directors.
4. No house may be occupied by a family with persons under eighteen (18) year of age at any time without the written permission of the Owner and such letter shall be presented to the Manager in advance for approval by the Board of Directors.
5. The Owner shall be liable for any damage to Common Areas and amenities caused by other guests or lessees using his or her house.
6. No children under eighteen (18) years are allowed as residents.
7. If a house is rented long-term, the Owner must pay additional maintenance. Currently this is set at $50.00 per month. If a unit is rented short-term, 10% of the rental is payable to the Condominium Association.
8. Any prospective new Owner or tenant must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to a sale or rental.

May 2004

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